Scholarships for Art-Fashion Scholarships

Fashion industry is one of the most rewarding and fastest growing industries in world. Earnings of people in fashion industry are usually very high if they are successful, but in order to be successful in the highly competitive fashion industry of today natural talents, working knowledge of the industry and a professional qualification in fashion is required. If you meet these criteria you can be sure of a highly rewarding career in the fashion industry.

Fashion studies generally cost more than studies in other fields because of much practical work and material involved in fashion studies. However, the cost of fashion education is nothing compared to the rewards that you get after completion of your education.

Due to the high cost, fashion degrees are out of reach of many Americans. To provide aid to students to excel in fashion related fields many government and welfare organizations, and fashion schools offer hundreds of scholarships for art in fashion related fields. These scholarships are awarded based on varying criteria, some of these are awarded based on academic merit, some are based on essays and some other are awarded based on art competitions. In this article I will mention some scholarships for art available to fashion students.

  • The Passion for Fashion Scholarship Program: This program provides aid to students from all over America that are interested to join a degree in art related fields. The students are required to enter a competition by filling a form and submitting their work of art, winning students are provided scholarships that cover full tuition fee.
  • The FIDM Designer of Tomorrow Scholarship Competition: This competition provides excellent opportunity to students that are new in the field of Fashion. Only Students who have had no formal training in fashion and who are interested to join a fashion related degree can enter the competition. The scholarships are awarded based on thoughtfulness, promise, and creativity in students.
  • The YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund: This scholarship fund provides aid to fashion students at all levels. They also help qualified students with internships and mentorships. Applicants are normally required to submit their own work of art to compete for most scholarships programs.

More information on above mentioned programs can be obtained from their websites. There are hundreds of more programs that provide scholarships for art to fashion students. You can search for a scholarship program that you are eligible for with little effort over the internet.