Scholarships Available for Athletes

Scholarships Available for Athletes

Scholarships Available for Athletes

The cost of college education has increased over the years and the number of school leavers’ not joining college has decreased accordingly. If you are a good athlete at high school it can help you in getting some financial assistance to fund your studies. There are many scholarships available to students who were good athletes at high school.

You can make use of numerous scholarship search engines over the internet to search for scholarships available to athletes. You should also check with your local colleges and your school councilor to look for scholarships opportunities. I will explain some facts related to athletic scholarships in this article.

Fact#1: It is a common misconception that athletic scholarships are only awarded by big colleges and universities.  Smaller schools at Division I, Division II, or NAIA schools also give out scholarship to students who excel in sports. In fact many of these schools strive hard to make good sports teams that can represent the college in competitions.

Fact#2: Most of the athletic scholarships are partial scholarships. They do not pay for your full fees but they can help you by offering a discount in college fees.

Fact#3: Scholarships are not awarded for whole of your course. Scholarships are normally only awarded for a year. The scholarship is then renewed at the year end keeping in view your importance in the college team. You will have to keep up your performance at the college competitions to win a scholarship each year.

Fact#4: Grades do matter in getting you a scholarship. As a student athlete you are expected to be a student first. You will find many people of the view that grades does not matter in winning you an athletic scholarship, off course nobody will expect a very high GPA from you but scholarship providers will at least expect a minimum level of academic performance from you.

Fact#5: Coaches love to hear from you. In most of the cases the athletic scholarship winners are selected by the college coach. Coaches from all big as well as small schools want good players on their team. Contacting the coach personally and explaining your position as an athlete to him will go a long way in winning you a scholarship. You may also contact coaches of colleges who do not publish athletic scholarships. If the coach wants you on the college team he may arrange a discount for you in the fees after discussing the matter with college authorities.