Scholarships—Students with a Bachelors Degree



If you have a bachelor’s degree and you’re looking for a scholarship, this article can be helpful for you. There are many resources are available for students searching for a graduate scholarship. The obstacles for graduates will be different in comparison to undergraduate students. Your research skills have an important role to play in finding resources for graduate scholarships.

Some of the main sources you should consider for getting educational scholarships are: graduate schools, federal government, corporations,
and professional organizations & associations.

These categories provide students with many scholarship opportunities. However, merely finding a graduate scholarship source is not going to get you a scholarship. To fund your scholarship, you will need to make an effort to get ahead of other competitors.

How to Plan a Scholarship Search

Undergraduate scholarship search strategy is very different from the strategy implied for graduate scholarships. Students applying for undergraduate studies normally have the option to apply for merit-based and need-based scholarships. As a graduate student you can get a subject-specific scholarship. This type of scholarship is also offered to undergraduates. Many large corporations also offer scholarships to bright graduates. Several associations and corporations award scholarships to graduates who intend to study in specific fields. You should make an effort to find the scholarship programs you can apply for.

Subject-Specific Scholarship Search
A great method of searching for graduate scholarships is to perform a subject-specific search. This is an effective method because graduates are interested in specialized fields. Scholarships are available in many subjects such as mathematics, business, psychiatry, law, teaching, etc. Different associations fund studies in different subjects. Also, there are micro-specialties; therefore, you can refine your search further. For example, teaching has micro-specialties such as education administration and special education.

Women and Minority Scholarships
You can find several professional associations and corporations that award free scholarships to women and students belonging to minorities in an effort to encourage them. Minority groups such as African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic and other minorities are awarded scholarships by quite a few organizations. These scholarships are usually in fields where white males make up the majority of the students.

Opportunities for Overseas Studies

If you have to travel to another country because of your thesis, you can send an application for funding your study abroad. A number of organizations award study abroad scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate students. Therefore, you should go through the list of educational aid programs that you can apply for.