Scholarships—International Students in the US



Going to a new country is both exciting and scary. But a lot of students are coming to the US for getting the high quality education that is offered by many good universities. Students can enroll in some very good academic programs in several fields, such as medical and legal. This is creating an interest in students from all parts of the world. US appeals to students beyond the high quality education. There is so much diversity here with the blending of people from different cultural backgrounds.

To get educated in an American university, students from other countries will need to pay the institution fees, similar to other students. The problem with this is the fact that finding someone to fund your studies is difficult. People can come to US for studying, but there are only a few scholarships international students can get and locals can’t. However, this does not mean that there are no scholarships available for international students; you can find a company or organization that will provide you the funds to study in an US institution.  What you need to do is research and find a company that awards scholarships to international students coming to US.

One source of getting a grant as an international student is Fulbrite. There is also The American Councils for International Education which awards grants and scholarships to students who belong to the part of the world which used to be the Soviet republic.

Scholarship international students can get are also awarded by Soros Foundations Network, however, these scholarships are based on the country that the student belongs to so it is not available for everyone.

You can also use resources, such as International Education Financial Aid and to find the funds for your studies. With these databases, it is easier to find where you can get financial aid and what are the requirements for getting it.

One of the best resources for getting a scholarship or financial assistance is your own country. While there are not a lot of scholarships offered by US to international students, there may be a specific company or organization willing to provide the required funds, particularly if your studies will be in a specific field.  You should not get discouraged by the small number of scholarships that the US offers to foreign students. It may be difficult to find programs, but there are scholarships available in the US for international students.