Scholarship Opportunities for Teachers

Teaching was once known as a noble but low paid profession, but with increasing specialization in teaching field the pay scales of teachers have raised and some very competent people are earning more than professionals from any other field. There are also many countries and regions in world that have a shortage of trained teachers. Many scholarship programs are initiated to provide aid to prospective teachers to help encourage students to join teaching related degrees.

These scholarships are offered by the government, welfare organizations and teaching institutions. You can take advantage of these scholarships to pay for your tuition and living costs. Most of these scholarship programs are aimed at fulfilling the shortage of teachers in a particular region; one example is the scholarship programs offered by the New York department of education.

New York have a shortage of trained and qualified teachers, to fulfill this shortage the New York department for education have started providing many incentives to prospective teachers. Some of their programs are mentioned b below.

  • STEP (Summer Teaching Experience Program): This program is aimed at developing the skills of out of state teachers. Selected teachers from different states are given support, stipend and a summer internship to take a teaching course in New York.
  • Housing Support Program: This program provides aid to teachers who want to get certified or who want to get further higher education in their field at the bachelors or masters level. The scholars have to agree to work in a high need region for three years after completion of their study. The scholarship provides stipend and housing supplement to scholars.
  • Graduate Scholarship Cohort Program. Accepted candidates for this program are provided aid to join a course in high shortage areas. The program mainly provides aid to study in the sciences, ESL (English as a Second Language) and Mathematics.

In addition to scholarships mentioned above, you can also use the platform of The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to look for scholarships. The board collaborates with many organizations to provide aid to prospective teachers.  This aid is provided under different programs funded by different organizations. Each of the programs has different criteria for the award of the scholarships. You can get more information on all programs offered by the board on their website.

You can also make use of scholarship search sites to look for all scholarship opportunities for prospective teachers offered in the U.S and abroad.