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Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information

The United States has been a favorite place to study for international students since a long time. It has some of the most prestigious universities of the world, and it offers many prestigious academic programs in the fields of medical and science.

The cost of living and tuition fee are generally high in the US, so most international students coming to US for study will find it difficult to fund their studies with just part time jobs. Students are generally allowed to work only 20 hours per week during session. There are less scholarship opportunities for intentional students who wish to study in the US. Some scholarships are offered by different business organizations and colleges, if you want to study in US you will have to put in a lot of effort in searching for a scholarship. In this article I will explain some aid programs available to international students coming to US.

Fulbrite is a scholarship programs that offers financial aid to international students from all over the world based on academic merit.

The Soros Foundations Network gives scholarships to students from specified under developed countries. These scholarships are also based on academic merit.

Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) is large institution with more than 38,166 students in their six campuses. About one-third of their students are from other countries. The college offers a scholarship of up to $1000 to all international students and more scholarships to deserving students.

American Councils for International Education gives out scholarships specifically to students from the countries which were part of ex Soviet Union.

In addition to the above programs you will be able to find more international scholarship, information on scholarship programs can be found online. There are some websites that provide good database of scholarship listings, such as the and International Education Financial Aid. You can make use of these search sites to search for the required scholarship more conveniently. They can also automatically search for a scholarship you may qualify for according to the information provided by you.

You should also look for scholarship programs offered in your home country. Many business organizations in your home country may be offering financial aid to help you study in US. Most of the governments of developing countries also run special programs to help their students study in US and other developed countries. These programs are generally merit based, and you may qualify for them if you have an excellent academic background.