Scholarship Info-Different Scholarships and How to Search for Them

Scholarship Info

Scholarship Info

Scholarships are one of the different options that students can use to pay for their higher education. A wide range or scholarships are on offer and many companies, organizations and institutions are running scholarship programs.

Whether you have recently graduated from high school or are aiming to continue your studies after working for a couple of years, you can find a scholarship program that you are eligible for applying.

Here are some of the many scholarships that are offered by different awarding bodies.

Types of Scholarships

Merit-based Scholarships: These are the type of scholarships that you can win only if you have an outstanding record. There are three categories of merit-based scholarships: academic merit scholarships, athletic merit scholarships and artistic merit scholarships.

Minority Scholarships: There are different scholarship programs that award scholarships to students belonging to an ethnic minority groups. Minority scholarships are offered by educational institutions as well as other bodies. An example of minority scholarships is the one offered by Google to Hispanic students.

Military Scholarships: Both military personal and civilians can apply for military scholarships. There is also a program available for the spouses of Navy officers.

Unusual Scholarships:

Left Handed Scholarship: Yes, you can win a scholarship for being left handed. But, you may also need to have an excellent academic record and leadership qualities along with your left handedness.

Horse Lover Scholarship: If you love horses and are in need of financial assistance, you can find help from The Arabian Horse Foundation, which offers financial assistance to high school graduates and students who have completed their freshman year at college.

As mentioned above, there are many other scholarship programs on offer, including scholarships for single moms, scholarships for average students, and scholarships awarded on height or last name of the applicant.

Scholarship Search

Scholarship info can be obtained in different ways: you can ask family members whether they know about any programs—they may be associated with an organization that runs a scholarship program; you can search in local newspapers; financial aid offices also help students in finding scholarships; you can start an online search through Google or some other search engine.

When applying for scholarships, it always a good idea to start your search early, because majority of the scholarship programs have deadlines, and you won’t want to be in a situation where you are not able to apply for a scholarship that you were eligible for just because you found it late.