Scholarship Form

A scholarship form is a necessary component of the scholarship application process. Most of the times, the scholarship form is self explanatory and is quite easy to fill out and submit. The purpose of this article is to discuss some of the things that the candidates must not overlook while filling out the scholarship form.

Let us take a review of a typical scholarship form:

The scholarship form starts with an inquiry about the applicant’s personal information. This includes the name of the applicant, father’s name, e-mail, etc. This part is self explanatory but the information provided must still be accurate to the last spellings.

The application form next inquires about the scholarship or loan opportunities that were availed recently or in the last year. This might require you to give information about the awarding authority, the period of the scholarship, the amount per month, the name of the scholarship, etc.

The application form’s most important section is the one in which you enter your academic achievements. This is usually in reverse chronological order with the most recent classes attended written at the top and then proceeding to the previous classes. There is nothing much you have to take care of here. Just make sure to enter the information carefully and accurately. The rest obviously depends upon your good grades.

The application form quite often requires you to enter information related to your extracurricular activities. This section may describe your pastimes, sports activities, etc. This section is a subjective one which means that you can use your own words to describe your extracurricular activities. The candidate must try to make the maximum impact over here but must not submit false information.

The application form also inquires about the income of the parents of the candidate. This will enable the scholarship awarders to determine the amount that the candidate can contribute to his studies and the level of economic need.

This was some of the information that could be asked about in the scholarship form. The candidates must also make sure to attach the required documents and certificates carefully. It is also advisable to start the application process well before time as this will enable the candidate to comfortably meet the application deadline and arrange for any special requirements. Last but not the least, a photocopy of the application form should be retained and filed for future reference and if possible could also act as a backup copy when needed.