Scholarship for International Students—Athletic Scholarships

Scholarship for International Students

Scholarship for International Students

International students studying in the US are at financial disadvantages because they have to bear much higher cost then local students. Despite increasing costs for students in US thousands of international students come to study at US colleges and universities. Many colleges that are interested in giving admission to international students also offer scholarships to help these students finance their studies. These scholarships are awarded based on different criteria. The most common criteria are academic merit. There is a common misconception that athletic scholarships are only for local students; there are many colleges and universities that provide financial assistance also to international students based on athletic performance.

International student athletes make up a large percentage of rosters sports such as Hockey, Soccer and increasingly Baseball as well.  These athletes are an important part of the sports teams representing US colleges and universities. As an international athlete student you should start searching for a scholarship early. International scholarship requests take some time to get processed and you will also have to send the supporting documentation and evidences by courier.

Scholarships for international students are awarded based on your past achievements in any sports events in your country and participation in any international or national events. Generally scholarship providers ask for certificates or recruiting tapes to evaluate your performance in respective sports. In addition to athletic performance students may also be asked to take SAT or ACT and submit their grade sheets to college. Students from countries where English is not native language may also be required to undertake TOEFL.

When you apply for an international athletic scholarship there are number of positive factors in your favor and negative factors against you. The positive is that a coach can recruit you after you make initial contact without much fear of you being well-known in recruiting circles and having to compete with other colleges. The negative factors are that coaches don’t know you and they have to evaluate the talent you will play against and work out more logistics than recruiting a player in the US. Negative factors can be overcome by maintaining good contact with the college coaches and starting the process early.

Not all athlete scholarships are advertised by colleges. Students looking for athletic scholarships for international students should make contact with individual college and university coaches, who may arrange a scholarship for you if you are wanted on the college team of respective sport.