Scholarship Commitment Agreement

When you win a scholarship, you have to sign the scholarship commitment agreement and show your gratitude and loyalty towards the sponsoring agency. Some of the agencies require the recipients to become active members and participate in the activities they carry on. Some of the scholarship programs make the students sign the commitment agreement just because they want to get assured of the proper use of their money. So, it is advisable that as soon as you take the decision of applying for any scholarship, gather all details and read whatever is provided for the applicants to know.


No matter what scholarship program you apply for, you should be aware of the facilities and commitments that recipients have to make. For this read the fine lines and learn everything related to the scholarship program. If you do not understand or find about the clauses and other terms, call the concerned official and find out from there. In any case, you should be aware of everything and realize beforehand what the things are that you might have to agree with once you win the award money. Do not judge or have pre-notions about the company or the agency.


Scholarship commitment agreement is a very important document and you should keep it safely with you at least till the time you are taking the advantage of the scholarship money. If the scholarship is renewable, you should keep it well till you complete the course. The most important thing is that you learn about the major intentions of the funding source behind offering free money to students. This will help you to apply for scholarship successfully and also understand what all are the points that might be included in the commitment agreement.


Keep in mind that scholarships and different types of financial assistances are available through various sources. So, search for all options available for you and in your field of education. Apply for all those you qualify reading and understanding the application procedure carefully. Before signing the scholarship commitment agreement papers, read them thoroughly and sign only when the terms mentioned there are acceptable and up to the standard for you.