Resume For Athletic Scholarship

Resume for athletic scholarship includes and highlights your athletic abilities that are important for winning the athletic scholarship. Your resume should not only include your name, address and what game you play but it should be properly arranged, organized and presentable as well. You have to demonstrate that you are ready for the challenges that you will have to face in becoming a successful athlete as well as maintain your position as a full time college student. Remember, you have to maintain a balance and you are required to be a student as well as an athlete and so you have to demonstrate your abilities regarding this.


To start with, you should mention your name, address, contact number and your email address clearly and on the top of the resume. Make a section to mention all your achievements as an athlete. Here you need to mention everything right from the game you play, your position in the college team and your achievements as a player. So not pick and choose the events you participated in, just mention all of them. Do not simply refer to those in which you excelled or your team won and leave the others. Talk about all that are related to you and athletics.


When you are preparing resume for athletic scholarship do not forget to make a section for your academic achievements. Mention your course of study, your grade point average, your SAT and ACT scores and all that you need to mention related to your academic field. If you have received any certificate or honor before, mention them clearly with date and the name of the honor or contest whatever it is. Next, make a section to mention your involvement and participation in different school and community activities. Remember, these are going to count up endless opportunities for you when it comes to winning scholarship award money.


Mention the conferences and workshops that you attended and in which you participated. Point out the skills that you possess and have achieved. Do not forget to list your career goals and how serious you are when making resume for athletic scholarship program.