Public Health Scholarships for Single Mothers

Mothers are a very important part of the society. Educated mothers are the foundation for advancement of any society. In America the numbers of single mothers are increasing rapidly, these single mothers have to bear the worries of daycare for the child together with their jobs. Many of these single mothers do want to get higher education in their fields to advance in their careers, as in today’s job market a college degree is necessary to advance in any field, but most single mothers are not able to pursue higher education because they cannot bear the financial burden of bringing up a child together with paying for their education.

Feeling the need to educate mothers many government and private organizations have started awarding scholarships to single mothers. These scholarships are aimed at helping single mothers, so they normally do not have a very tough criterion to qualify for; most of the time the only criteria is financial need. Single mother scholarships normally provide for the expenses of day care, tuition and living.

The number of scholarships for single mothers in almost all fields increases every year. Despite this steady increase, there are not much scholarship opportunities for single mothers in the health sector, however department of public health do offer some public health scholarships for single mothers.

One example is the Department of Public Health for Rural Health Nursing Education Scholarship Program that provides aid to undergraduate single mothers who want to join a course in nursing. The scholarships are provided to several students every semester. The Scholarships contributes $1,500 to $6,000 towards the education cost of single mothers.

Another example is the Illinois Department of Public Health for Rural Health Allied Health Care Professional Scholarship Program that provides aid to undergraduate students who want to join a course in any medical related field to become a health care professional. These scholarships are awarded to twenty Illinois residents every year and contribute $7500 to $15000 towards the education costs of the winning scholars.

More information on above mentioned programs can be obtained from their websites. Single mothers from all over America can search for public health scholarships offered by health department over the internet. You might also be able to find some health scholarships offered by private organizations for single mothers over the internet. You can make use of scholarships search sites to search for all the health scholarships offered in America.