Psychology Scholarships List

The demand for qualified psychologists worldwide is increasing rapidly. Most of the countries of world have a shortage of qualified psychologists. This high demand has translated into excellent career opportunities for qualified psychologists. To help students pursue a degree in field of psychology many organizations have started scholarship programs for psychology students. Psychology scholarship list is provided in this article. You can apply for the discussed scholarships or you can also search for many other psychology scholarships over scholarship search sites available over the internet.

  • The National Honor Society in Psychology Scholarships: The society runs a scholarship program by the name of Psi Chi scholarship program. The program provides aid to numerous undergraduate and graduate students every year.
  • ERT Minority Scholarship Program for Graduate Training: This program provides aid to students from all ethnic minority groups living in the US. The aid is available to students that are pursuing a full time or part time degree in Psychology.
  • American Psychological Association Scholarship Program: The APA scholarship program provides numerous scholarships every year to students enrolled in all psychology related fields.
  • Native American Assistance Program by Government: Students that are registered tribal members and pursuing a degree in Guidance counseling or physiology can get aid through the Native American assistance program run by the U.S department of Education. Information on this program can be obtained from the website of financial aid office of the U.S department of education.
  • This United Health Foundation and PacifiCare Foundation Scholarships: The foundation runs a scholarship program by the name of Latino Health Scholars Program. The program provides aid to Students from the Native American communities that are planning to pursue a career in psychology or other medical related fields.
  • Medical Service Corps (U.S. Army) Educational Benefits: The U.S army runs several scholarship programs for students from different fields including the Health Profession Scholarship Program for Optometry and Psychology. This program can help members pursue a degree in psychology and obtain rank of second lieutenant in army.
  • Federal Financial Aid Programs: Government runs many scholarship programs for students from different fields. Students can search for all scholarship programs offered to psychology students over the FAFSA website. Application for government funded programs can also be made online.

More information on above mentioned programs can be obtained form their websites. In addition to these programs students can also search for scholarship programs offered by many psychology schools.