Private Scholarship Foundation for Working Mothers

In the current economic situation single or working mothers are caught in a bind where they are afraid to pursue their higher education because of the fear of leaving their jobs and not providing for their children. Most of the mothers do want to get further degrees to excel in their careers and provide better for their family, but they are unable to do so due to the financial hurdles.

Government is providing aid to huge number of single or working mothers to complete their education and there is a lot of advertisements and talk on government funded aid program. No doubt, government is the largest funder for scholarship programs for mothers but not many people know that there are many private organizations that provide aid to mothers as well. I will highlight some such scholarship programs in this article.

  • Jeanette Ranking Scholarship Foundation: This foundation was founded in 1978 with the aim of raising funds for working mothers and providing scholarships to them. Since then it has provided $1.3 million worth of scholarships to over 600 women. The foundation provides scholarships to low income women aged 35 or older that want to pursue a degree in any field.
  • R.O.S.E. Scholarship Program: The name of the program stands for Regaining One’s Self Esteem. This program is run by a charity to provide aid to victims of domestic violence to help them get further higher education. They believe that higher education can help these victims rebuild their self esteem.
  • Project Working Mom: This organization is relatively new and has started providing considerable aid to working moms. The organization has announced $2 million worth of aid for working moms this year.
  • Patsy Takemoto Mink Scholarship Foundation: This foundation was set up by a former U.S. Congresswoman in 2003 to help working mothers through its Educational Support Awards. The scholarships provide aid of $2000 to selected women.
  • WISPINC: The Women’s Independence Scholarship Fund formerly known as Sunshine Lady’s Fund is aimed at providing aid to women that are victim of domestic violence. They provide aid of $250 to $5,000 to women based on their individual needs to help them complete their education.

More information on eligibility criteria and deadlines is available on the websites of the above mentioned programs. There are many other organizations that are geared towards providing aid to single or working mothers. You can find all such organizations with little effort over the internet.