Posse Scholarship for Extraordinary Leadership Potential and Academic Excellence

Posse scholarship programs are administered and offered by the Posse Foundation. The main intention of the foundation is to promote students having leadership qualities and increase diversity. The scholarship is for four years degree course and gives full tuition support to the students. The nominated students should be from Chicago, Miami, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles or Washington DC. The team is selected keeping in mind creating diversity at university level and the team includes students who opt for participating universities and they are given the promised support by the foundation.


The most remarkable thing about the scholarship program sponsored and administered by the Posse Foundation is that it is open for all high school seniors and from all backgrounds. The eligibility is not limited to any specific group of people and this financial assistance program is also not based on financial need of the students. The scholarship program is unique and this is because students cannot apply for this scholarship. The students are nominated either by their respective schools or community based organizations. The students must be in the first term of his high school senior year and demonstrate academic excellence and leadership within their school, community or family.


The amount of money given to the winners through posse scholarship is not fixed. However, the amount completely covers the tuition for the entire four years of the winners. If you are a student with good leadership qualities and you get good grades in academics also, you can find out the ways to get yourself nominated. Show your interest and promote yourself demonstrating your achievements. Visit the legitimate website and learn the ways of demonstrating community service and increase your ways of getting nominated for this specific scholarship program.


Students with extraordinary leadership potentials along with academically excellent are recommended and nominated for the posse scholarship. Learn about some facts and about the ways to improve your chances of winning the award money. You can also read the stories of scholars of previous years and find out many other programs running out there. If you stay connected and highlight your achievements, you will certainly be nominated for the scholarship program.