Palmetto Fellows Scholarship – A Merit Based Program

The Palmetto fellows scholarship program started in 1988 and was established to help and encourage high school seniors attend college in the State. This scholarship is merit-based and helps students who are academically excellent and is administered by the South California Commission on Higher Education. The scholarship program is specifically designed to help the scholar complete his or her education and so the award money is given at fixed times. When you have decided to apply for this scholarship, read the application and selection process and then see to it that you understand everything.


Scholarships and grants are free financial aids and students prefer applying for these so that they do not have to repay the award money. Before applying for any scholarships program, you should go through the details like initial eligibility requirements, terms related to renewal, award money and other issues. Once you are well aware of the requirements and other prerequisites, you will be able to decides and apply for the most appropriate scholarship program. You should also go through the list of scholarships and the subjects that the programs are going to support. Check out whether your subject is included there or not.


The award money for palmetto fellows scholarship is decided annually and by the South California General Assembly. There are facilities available and will keep you updated too. As for your part you should also keep the sponsor informed if your residential address changes or you decide for dropping or withdrawing a class or anything else that has direct connection with the scholarship award money and its usage. Always keep in mind that the scholarships are given so that the money is used for the purpose it is assigned for. So, you need to take utmost care of this point after receiving the award money.


The main subjects promoted through palmetto fellows scholarship are mathematics and science and the main intention behind giving this award money is to encourage students opt for these subjects and excel in the careers related to them. Watch out the due date of compliance and then submit your application before that.