NHSC Scholarship – Program Description and Details

NHSC scholarship money is funded by National Health Service Corps. The main intention of the corporation is to help students of extreme financial needs complete their education so that they are able to provide health care services in communities that are identified as short of healthcare professionals. The scholarship award money covers tuition, books, fees and other reasonable and related educational costs. Not only this, a monthly stipend is also given to the winners till they complete their four year degree course. The winners have to commit a limited period of service to an area that is short of healthcare professionals.


With so many attractive features and an easy application procedure, plenty of students get attracted towards this scholarship program. However, the only drawback or pulling back factor is the commitment to serve a community or area where there are less or no healthcare professionals to give healthcare aid to the needy people. Also, this scholarship program is designed to help students of extreme financial need. So, if you are suffering from a severe financial need, you can opt for this financial aid program because along with educational funding it will also give you a monthly stipend to cover other needs as well.


If you want to gather complete information on NHSC scholarship, you should go to the official website of NHSC that deals with scholarships. You can also call the toll free number to get information regarding the application form and procedure. No matter to what scholarship program you wish to apply, you should gather all details regarding the application process and then follow the instructions to complete it.


Remember, for every scholarship program there are some basic and some specific requirements that you have to fulfill. Find them out and see beforehand whether you are in a condition to fulfill them or not. NHSC scholarship program is associated with a condition along with the requirements that every applicant has to fulfill. So, make sure you are ready to fulfill the requirements and the condition and only then apply for this free financial aid. Read about the consequences if you fail to fulfill your commitment.