Need Based Scholarships-Gov. Matt Blunt Plan for Missouri

Need Based Scholarships

Need Based Scholarships

There are thousands of students living in every state of US who need financial aid to get higher education. The costs of higher education are increasing everywhere in US and the financial ability to pay for education is decreasing among students. This situation has reflected very badly on the number of students joining college for degree courses. The requirement of the situation is that the span of scholarships programs be expanded to cover students who are not able to qualify for academic merit based scholarships or for scholarships based on other merits. Feeling the need of financial assistance for students Us government has started many aid programs in every state based on financial need that are providing aid to considerable number of  financially struggling students but there is always need for more assistance for such students.

In Missouri a government aid program is already running which provides 17,000 need based scholarships every year. A new senate bill is presented in senate under which the state funding for college scholarship programs will be increased from $27.5 million to $72.5 million.  The upgraded program named as “Access Missouri” will provide aid to 36,000 college students. The increase of 19,000 need based scholarships will greatly help students from state of Missouri who are in need of financial assistance.

In addition to increasing scholarships funding for students the bill also calls for increasing funding of government colleges and universities by $40 million. In three years this aid will increase to $110 million.

A common problem for most students is that they are able to get scholarships for only first year fee and the scholarships are normally not available to them for rest of the years. The Bill also intends on filling this gap by proving funding for total duration of the course.

The bill also intends on providing funding of $350 million for construction of more college campuses in the state. At the moment the democrats have objected to the bill, but most senators are optimistic that the legislature will pass the bill.

The bill once passed will be a very good initiative from government that will solve many worries of college students in Missouri. Meanwhile students can also look for number of other need based scholarships offered by numerous colleges and welfare organizations. Such scholarships can be conveniently searched over the internet. Students from all states of US normally have access to such private scholarship programs.