Navy College Scholarship Pays Tuition

Navy College ScholarshipJust because you go into the military doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get to go to college, too. You can do both. In fact, they encourage it. So much so that the Navy offers college scholarships to be able to further your education. There are a couple scenarios in which you can get Navy College scholarships. You can either go into college first and then into the Navy or you can go into the Navy and then on to college.

No matter what, if you want a college scholarship from the Navy, you’ll have to enlist or have a parent that enlisted. If you’re not planning on serving your country and your parents didn’t either, start looking for other scholarships because this one’s not for you.

Depending on what you’re willing to study, the Navy may provide you with a partial or full scholarship. It’s considered a way to skip a lot of specialized training and potentially get a sign on bonus, too. Talking to your enlisting officer can provide a lot more details.

The NROTC scholarship, known as the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps offers up to $180,000 in tuition and other expenses. You’ll choose from a variety of fields and will even get to spend summers training next to naval personnel. When you graduate, you’ll have a career all lined up. You’ll be an Ensign for the Naval Reserve and will have committed a minimum of five years of Active Duty.

Let’s say you don’t really want to enlist. There are still options, as long as you’ve got a parent that’s currently serving in the military.

There are several scholarships awarded by the Naval Special Warfare Foundation which are based on academic merit and a well-written essay. In order to qualify, you must be the dependent or spouse of an active duty SEAL or other military personnel in the NSW commands. These scholarships include the foundation scholarship as well as the Agron Seal, the EDT-Seal and the Had Richards Memorial. The reward money is typically $1000 and up.

Children of active members of the Navy Counselor’s Association can also get a scholarship. Students must write an essay and have a good GPA to qualify. There is also the Fleet Reserve Association, which give out scholarships based on the parent being in good standing of the FRA. The FRA hands out over $90,000 every year in scholarship money.

Whether it’s a family member in the Navy or you’re planning on enlisting, there is scholarship money out there for you. College can be expensive, so it’s important to remember that scholarships are an excellent way to help cover the costs. The more you can qualify for, the better off you’ll be. It certainly beats the alternatives of having to pay back debt for years to come after graduation.

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