Middle School Scholarships

Middle school scholarships are considered to be a little difficult to acquire as compared to high school or college scholarships. The reason for this is the dearth of opportunities related to middle school scholarships. On the other hand, there is not much competition for these scholarships which makes their acquisition a little easier as well. Nevertheless, the effort is well worth it because it is a very good thing to win a merit scholarship at such a junior level and it will help in winning the hearts of scholarship providers at the higher level. Let us take a look at some of the middle school scholarship opportunities that are available.

The Children’s Scholarship fund (CFS) is for children who are not younger than 8 years. It provides need based scholarships to children between grades Kindergarten and 8 only. Applications are accepted in several cities throughout the USA.  Check out www.scholarshipfund.org for further information.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation aims to help low-income but brilliant middle school students. It chooses 75 seventh grade students for financial help.

Other options that are available include indirect means for funding the child’s school education. These include sources which award kids for their community service, talent in science or arts, essay contests, etc. Some organizations try to promote their products by offering help to the students.  The Kohl’s Kids Who Care offers an amount of $300,000 to 1,900 students annually. The students must be between the ages 6 to 8 and must have demonstrated outstanding community service. The Gloria Barron prize for young heroes provides young leader with an amount of $2000, media coverage opportunities, a recognition plaque and a certificate of recognition. The prize is offered to 10 students each year between the ages 8-18.

Changing our World / Simms Award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy is provided by the Association of Fundraising Professionals to students between the ages 5-17 and 18-23 who have demonstrated a concern for the community by engaging in or encouraging the acts of philanthropy.

These were some of the opportunities that he students must be aware of. Further information can be acquired through a school scholarship counselor (if available) or through the internet. It is generally a good idea to research out well before settling for a certain option. Children with special abilities, talents or disabilities can also search for middle school scholarships specifically designed for them.