McDonald Scholarships for Deserving Students

McDonald Scholarships

McDonald Scholarships

Costs of education are rising every year and so is the number of students working part time to finance their studies. Now almost every college student works part time to arrange funds for his studies. Keeping in view the financial hardships faced by students many big multinational companies have started scholarship programs for general students and students working in their companies. The most popular of these programs are the McDonald scholarships and Pepsi scholarships.

McDonald has initiated a scholarship program to help prospective students working at their company offices or retail outlets in financing their college education. The scholarships are offered once every year to students who excel academically.

One intelligent student from each of the 50 states is selected to participate in the scholarship contest. The student who wins the contest is awarded a $5000 scholarship and the other 49 students who took part in the contest are awarded $1000 scholarships to acknowledge their talents.

Prospective Students who are planning to join a college degree and who have worked for at least part time for minimum of four months with McDonald can apply for the scholarship program. Students should also have a good history of work with McDonald and be helpful in community to qualify for this scholarship program.

All applicants who fulfill the criteria of the scholarship program are required to fill an application form with the company and get their AIN numbers. After filling the form students can see updated information on their application status online, and students can also correct any mistakes made while filling the form. Every applicant should make sure that it provides all the information and documentation required by the company, as incomplete applications are not considered.

The aim of this scholarship program, as stated by the company, is to give back to the community what McDonald has got from the community. It is an excellent opportunity for prospective students working at McDonalds because the amount of the scholarship is significant that will help them finance their studies, and even if they do not win the final award, they can at least get $1000 dollar McDonald scholarships.

Students can also search for scholarships offered by other big corporations. Many corporations in the US and worldwide offer scholarships to talented students. No matter from which part of world you are, you can search for such scholarships offered by companies in your country with ease over the internet.