Lowe’s Scholarship – For chosen Students

Lowe’s scholarship is awarded to selected students in the communities where they do business. The fund is sponsored by the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation. The basic requirements that every applicant has to fulfill are they have to be citizens of the United States, maintain a minimum of 3.25 grade point average in their academic field throughout the high school years, must be current high school senior and must be able to demonstrate a history of commitment towards community development services. It is clear from the requirements that the sponsor is looking for applicants who pay attention to all aspects of life and are working towards becoming a responsible citizen too.


Just like Lowe’s financial aid offers, there are many retailers and private businesses that are offering financial assistances to students so that they can contribute some of their profit margins in the uplifting of the community. The availability of many scholarships and grants show that there are many sponsors that are ready to provide financial and moral supports to those students who have the caliber and dedication to further their education. There are many resources out there to provide additional funding for students and help them complete their education.


If you are interested in applying for Lowe’s scholarship program, visit the official website and gather information. Go through the different sections, navigate through web pages and see what the previous winners have to say about this program. You can find the application form and guidelines right there. Go through them, study and understand each point before you start filling out the form. If you do not follow anything, ask the concerned official and get it cleared beforehand. You should be aware of the terms and conditions and everything related to the scholarship program before you apply for it.


Remember, to win a scholarship you simply need commitment and self confidence. If you believe in yourself and follow the instructions carefully, your chances of winning the award money will automatically increase. So, apply for Lowe’s scholarship successfully. This scholarship is available for all high school seniors who fulfill the requirements set for this program.