Local Scholarships

Local scholarships are those scholarships that are available for a specific geographic location or in other words are local to a certain group of people. National level scholarships might provide greater amounts of scholarship money to the students but the competition for these scholarships is quite high as well. Local scholarships will always provide this advantage to the students that the competition for these scholarships is limited to a specific region only. Local scholarships are provided by businesses and companies of a locality which are willing to support the people of the community for their educational endeavors.

There are a number of things that the students should be aware of to take full advantage of the local scholarships.

  • The students must not forget to apply for national scholarships. This point is for those few students who are confident of qualifying for a local scholarship and may not feel the need to go through the tougher national scholarship application process.
  • The students must also fill out and submit the FAFSA form which is a pre-requisite for almost every scholarship opportunity.
  • The students must know whether they will need to take the PSAT/NMSQT test at a junior year to qualify for a future scholarship. They should take the test if necessary.
  • The students should apply well ahead of time and be aware of the eligibility criteria and deadlines.
  • The students should maintain a record detailing the application process and copies of the applications. This will be helpful for future reference.
  • In the event of winning a scholarship, it is an excellent idea to write a thank you message to the scholarship providers because it will further help the scholarship providers to identify the places of the community where there money can be best invested.

Gone are the days when many scholarship opportunities went unnoticed because of lack of communication. In this age of communication and internet, it is quite easy for the students to keep track of the local scholarships that are available for them. There a number of website on the internet will allow you to enter your area of residence to a database and receive results detailing the scholarship opportunities of that area. The students should also stay active in community service because many organizations will be willing to support those students who are also valuable for the community. Last but not the least, the students should develop a eye catching CV detailing their accomplishments.