Left-handed Scholarships—The Right Things To Do

Left-handed Scholarships

Left-handed Scholarships

Scholarships are a conventional way of providing encouragement and financial help to the students. The more common scholarships are merit based scholarships. It is interesting to note that sometimes the scholarships that are available can be quite unconventional. One of such ‘alternative’ scholarships is the left handed scholarships.

One might wonder that why bother such a thing which looks quite ridiculous. In reality and contrary to historical belief, left handedness has proved to be associated with talent and brilliance. There have been a number of brilliant left-handers like Picasso, Einstein, etc. Generally, an 11% of a population consists of left handed people and quite a few talented people can often be identified from any such population. Fortunately, this fact is also recognized now and some scholarship providers are willing to provide financial aid to talented left handed people.

Scholarships for left-handed people are not very numerous. The most well know of them is probably the one offered by the Juanita College in Pennsylvania and awards a money of 1000$-1500$. The eligibility criteria is not just being left handed because this scholarship aims to support talented left-handers and is available to people who show good prowess in their studies with leadership qualities and are of course left-handers.

Other opportunities are quite scarce and you would really have to do some extensive research over the internet. Search engines like the Google can be of good help. You can also visit scholarship forums and message boards and search online databases. Looking for left-handed scholarships can be a tough job but you must not get discouraged.

You must concentrate fully on your studies because given the scarcity of scholarship opportunities in this category, competition is bound to be stiff and you would want to have an edge over your competitors.

You can also contact a scholarship counselor. These professionals are in a good position to elucidate your options to you and to point you to the right direction.  Try to discuss the various sources of left handed scholarships.

Another important factor is that of timing. Many people will be competing for the same opportunities and you will have to apply well in time so that you may be able to compete in an effective manner. This will also allow you to fulfill any special requirement that might be needed. Time is really crucial in the case of these scholarships because the competition is stiff.