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Law School Scholarships

Law School Scholarships

The ever increasing career opportunities and pay scales in field of law have attracted many students to join law related courses. Education in fields related to law is generally expensive and most students cannot arrange the resource to pay for their courses without some kind of financial aid. There are many scholarship programs designed to help Law students complete their education. These scholarships are provided by different sources, and some of these scholarships are open for every student to apply for and some are only available to specific communities. I will mention some of open and some of restricted scholarship programs in this article.

Alliance Defense scholarships provide financial assistance to undergraduate students from the field of law. They award three $2500 scholarships every year.

The Straight Forward Media scholarships provide four students with $500 scholarships every year.

Warner Norcross and Judd LLP Scholarships provide financial aid to students who belong to minority communities and who are joining an undergraduate or graduate course in any university in Michigan. The amount of scholarship is between $1000 and $5000.

The Puerto Rican Bar Association award provides aid to students from Hispanic communities that are majoring in law. The amount of this scholarship award is $2000.

Sherman and Sterling Scholarship program provides scholarships to law students from African American community. The program provides aid of up to $15000 each year to two law students.

You can get more information about the specific requirements of these scholarship programs on their websites. You can also search for many more scholarship programs over the internet. According to some sources there are over 600 scholarships programs offered to Law students in US, however in addition to these 600 programs many colleges and universities also offer special discounts on basis of academic merit and many other institutes also provide discounts to all students joining a course in their college.

The best strategy to search for scholarship programs is to search over scholarship search engines. These search engines will provide you access to a large database of scholarships listings. They will also search a scholarship for you according to your academic background and your skills, which will save a lot of your time and effort.

Students can also search for international scholarships available to law students, which can give students the unique experience of studying abroad. Many colleges of international repute provide such scholarships to students.  These scholarships can also be searched over scholarship search sites.