Kohls Scholarships – Help and Information

Kohls scholarships are awards given every year to young volunteers within the age group of 6 – 18 for their amazing and outstanding contribution to the community. The main intention of the sponsor is to give moral and financial support to the students who work to make their community a better place to live.


Eligibility criteria


  • The applicant should be between the age of 6 – 18
  • The work done should be explained in detail and should match with the efficiency expected from the age of a child
  • The volunteering work must have occurred in previous year of application for this scholarship program
  • The selection is made on the basis of project, benefits and result
  • Students from all over the nation are free to apply with their project descriptions


Kohls scholarships are given to students for their volunteering efforts and achievements and if you are interested to learn about the amount of award money decided for the coming year, you will have to get in touch with the concerned official. It is good to find out everything beforehand and learn about what are the factors that are going to impress the panel. This becomes all the more important when the main intention of the applicant is winning the award money. Though the intention of the sponsor is to generate and encourage the feeling of working for others and helping them achieve happiness and comfort in life, the sponsor also considers the efforts made just to win the award money.


The announcement for the nomination of the students for Kohls scholarships is made in newspapers and magazines. On the other hand, you can also gather information from the financial aid office of your institute. This is one of those scholarships that are based on rewarding and awarding children for the unusual talents they possess other than academic excellence. The panel is more concerned about the enthusiasm and keenness that the child has to help other people than to analyze the grade points. They see the dedication of the student towards studies and helping people in the community to help them live a better and comfortable life.