Kohls Scholarship Values Volunteerism at Tender Age

Kohls scholarship is one of the most popular and accepted scholarship programs because the age limit for applying for this scholarship is 6 – 18. The students are mainly selected on the basis of their volunteerism and by analyzing the work and their effort towards the community and the people living there. The main intention of the sponsor is to encourage volunteers and if these volunteers are created at an early age, they remain enthusiastic their entire life. The sponsor also pays special attention to the health of women and children.


Usually people are of the opinion that scholarships are for students of high school or more. But the scholarship programs initiated by Kohls have proven this wrong. In fact, the sponsor believes that the earlier the work of volunteerism starts in one’s life, more deep rooted it is. On the other hand when students reach high school, they only participate in community development programs because they have the intention of getting scholarship money to support their education. They believe that this is not the solution because children work for the community for their benefit. But, real volunteerism should be working selflessly.


The Kohls scholarship is awarded every year and the major criterion for selection is community services. In fact, working for others and helping them lead a good and comfortable life makes these kids stronger and prepares them for the ups and downs of life that are yet to come for years in future. The competition is healthy and since the children are of pretty young age, they do not have any negative feeling in them. Each year the scholarship is announced and a due date is fixed within which the children are expected to submit their application form.


Interested students are advised to go through the details of the scholarship program and the application procedure. Just like any other scholarship program, this also has some requirements that every applicant is expected to fulfill. Learn everything about the program and make sure your child gets prepared well for the application process of Kohls scholarship and submits his project before the last date of submission.