Kiwanis Scholarship – For Community Service

Kiwanis is an international organization of volunteers and they encourage students to participate in community development programs as much as possible. The Kiwanis scholarship money is given to that student who is found as the most eligible one. There are different types of community development projects that are being carried out and depending on your interest you can find and apply for them. Participate in these programs as well as other extra curricular activities and improve your chances of winning the award money. In addition to this, there are many scholarship programs that offer financial aid to students who have leadership qualities.


The idea of finding and applying for scholarships can be quite overwhelming at times. As a student you need to look for as many options as possible and then apply for the suitable ones. Go through the requirements of the financial aid and try to find out the main intention of the sponsor behind offering fund for students. This will help you apply accordingly and you will be able to impress and persuade the panel of judges appointed for the selection process. Keep in mind that the application process is the most important step for any of the scholarship program and you need to follow the instructions properly.


Kiwanis scholarship winners are selected by the Scholarship Committee and the selection process is based on academic achievement, financial need and leadership and community service. If you are interested in this scholarship program, pay attention to these three points and start preparing for the program at least one year before you actually need to attend college. Usually the scholarships are based on these points and if you know that you will need additional funding to complete your education, you should start paying attention to your studies right from the time you are a high school senior.


Guidance counselors of respective schools are asked to give recommendations for the applicants from their schools. The winners of the Kiwanis scholarship award is notified in written and is also invited for dinner as a special guest and honored. This is held usually in July or August.