KFC Scholarships

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a chain of restaurants which is now present worldwide. The first restaurant of this chain was opened in 1930 by Colonel Sanders who went on to become an exceptionally famous figure in Kentucky. The restaurant introduced the concept of fried food to the fast food scene. Its products were both affordable and accessible, something which helped the business rise quickly. Today, KFC is a multinational brand with obviously quite huge income. It is no wonder that as a token of gratitude, the business offers generous scholarships for education, animal welfare and diversity.

Families which face extreme difficulty in caring for their children are offered the KFC Colonel’s Kids charity program. This program offers financial assistance to families for childcare and is affiliated with the YMCA. Another one of the generous KFC scholarships opportunities provided by KFC goes by the name of The KFC Colonel’s Scholars program. This is a need based scholarship offered to graduating high school seniors and is aimed at providing them financial assistance for college education. The scholarship is quite competitive and the candidates must show an early potential of business acumen and must also be talented academically. The candidates are required to have quite a high GPA and are also asked to write essays on challenging topics. Furthermore, the candidates must be admitted to a state funded university to be eligible. All this effort is quite worth it because the scholarship amount could be as high as $20,000.

The KFC Colonel’s Scholars program is offered annually. To have an idea of how competitive it is, consider this; last year about 150,000 applicants applied and of them 75 were successful and their efforts were worth it because they will receive an amount of $20,000 over a course of four years. If you think this was unfair, consider this; one of the scholars maintained a GPA of 4.0 while working as a co-owner of a dairy farm. Another one of the successful applicants had started a non-profit organization for community service in Orlando. As Roger Eaton, the president of KFC said:  “These students have proven that they are completely committed to both their education and enriching and supporting their schools and communities.”

If you are one of those residents of America who have any special services or traits like the examples stated above, you are certain to stand a great chance of winning the KFC Scholarship. You deserve it!