Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship – For High School, Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Jack Kent Cooke scholarship programs are sponsored by Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and the main intention of the foundation is to encourage and support outstanding students. The foundation gives moral and financial support to students who perform outstandingly in academic field and demonstrate a strong and firm will to succeed. Not only this, the student should be hard working and dedicated to achieve his academic goal in any circumstances he faces in life. If you are a student and you are interested in applying for this scholarship program, you need to be dedicated and committed towards your studies.


The most remarkable and appreciable feature of these scholarships is that it is available for students right from the 7th grade to graduate level. This means students of high school, undergraduate and graduate levels can apply for suitable scholarships and have chance of paying their educational fees with the free money they receive. The foundation prefers supporting those students who are high achieving and belong to low or moderate income group of families. At the high school level, the program also supports and give advises to the students that they need to secure challenging academic objectives.


Jack Kent Cooke scholarship provides complete support to eligible and deserving students. The financial aid programs of different levels are designed and created differently so that the needs of that age group of children could be achieved. In addition to scholarships for mainstream and high school education, there are scholarships for undergraduate students who have performed outstandingly in their community colleges and wish to get transferred to nation’s renowned four year degree colleges and universities. The Foundation selects around 50 students from different community colleges each year and helps them further their education in degree colleges and universities.


Students of outstanding caliber who are suffering with financial crunch are supported through the financial aid programs sponsored by Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. They select a group of remarkable students with financial need and help them with Jack Kent Cooke scholarship money so that they are able to pursue their college education or complete any professional course as well.