International Scholarships—How to Fund Your Study Abroad Plans

International Scholarships

International Scholarships

There may be many reasons you want to study in another country but the most precious benefit you get from studying in another country is the unique experience of meeting people from different cultures. Studying in another country is extremely expensive as you will be paying for your living costs and tuition fees all by yourself. It is even more expensive for students from developing countries because of low exchange rates for their currency. For most of the students coming from developing countries it is impossible to fund their studies abroad without a scholarship or grant. In this article I will try to highlight some scholarship programs you should look for while searching for an international scholarship.

Many donor agencies and welfare organizations run scholarship programs to help build capacities of developing nations through higher education. Some of the largest programs among these are run by United Nations and World Bank. You should search programs offered by these donor agencies on the internet.

Some nations also provide financial assistance to students from developing nations to promote development in those countries. Some of the most popular programs are Fullbright Foreign Student Program, Netherlands Fellowship Program, Norwegian Quota Scheme and the Australian Development Scholarships (ADS),

Some countries also provide completely free education to every student that gets an admission in to a college in their country. Among such countries is Sweden, Finland and Norway. You can apply for admission in colleges in these countries online.

In almost all developing countries government also run scholarship programs, which provide financial assistance to students going abroad for study. These programs are generally merit based and there is a tough competition for the scholarship.

Many universities run scholarship programs in conjunction with their government, some of the most popular universities that offer financial aid to students from developing countries are University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), University of Ghent (Belgium), and University of Westminster (United Kingdom).

Some popular international scholarships that you can specifically search for are The Medicus Student Exchange (Switzerland), PPGA Family Member Scholarship for Horticulture, Overseas Research Fellowship for Medicine and Health Sciences, and Asian Cultural Council for Liberal Arts and Humanities.

In addition to scholarship programs a number of organizations worldwide also offer the facility of student loan to students. The money granted in these schemes has to be paid back after the completion of studies but it can help students get through the college.