International Scholarships—3 Simple Ways of Finding Them

International Scholarships

International Scholarships

Winning an international scholarship can be a multistage and arduous process. You must know all the modern techniques to identify, apply for and finally win the scholarship of your choice. This obviously includes a clear picture of what your course of study will be and which institutes provide international scholarships in relevance with your needs. Some of the tools and procedures that could help in achieving your goal are as follows:

Search Engines for Finding Scholarships

The use of search engines can be a very handy tool for identifying the proper locations where you could pursue your international scholarships. The key to proper use of search engines is the brevity of your search keywords. All you have to do is to input as concisely as possible, what you want the search engine to find for you. For instance, if you want to pursue a PhD in Zoology, writing ‘Zoology PhD scholarships’ will give you relevant results. The good thing about search engines is that you can add appropriate words to you original input to get different results, for instance, if you want an International scholarship for PhD in Zoology from Australia, you can write ‘Australian Zoology PhD scholarships’. Furthermore, some search engines also have the capability to show you the results as a function of time, for instance, if you want to find the results posted during the last month you can do so.

List/Database for Scholarship Search

Many websites provide listing of various scholarships being offered, and they provide this service for free. You can find out the addresses of these websites by checking various online directories (like, Yahoo and Alexa). Once you have located some of these websites, you can search them for international scholarships being offered that are relevant to you. This is facilitated by the embedded search engines that these websites often have.

Regular Search of Websites of Relevant Organizations

Many organizations in many countries collaborate with international Universities to provide scholarships to the students of their country. These organizations either fund the international scholarship themselves or get foreign grants. It is a good idea to not only check out these websites, but also become a member of these websites by creating an account. In this way you can stay updated on the latest international scholarships that the organization has arranged and whether they are relevant to your field of study and desired country of study.