International Federation of University Women Scholarships

International federation of university women scholarships is funded by International Federation of University Women, which is an international non-profit organization for women graduates. This organization was founded by women in 1919. The members are who believe in the importance of working together for international understanding, peace and friendship. The members are women of all ages, profession, culture and discipline. There is an international network formed through this IFUW and independent women are its members and they carry out various types of educational and humanitarian activities.


The main thing is that IFUW understands what a woman student has to face in her life. There are different types of challenges and problems that they have to deal with in order to do what they prefer. Many women lack financial and moral support and this lowers their self confidence too. So, when these women look for assistance they not only need financial, but moral and emotional support too. So, if you are a woman student and you wish to opt for financial support to complete your education, it is good to search for the options and look for free financial assistance like scholarships and grants.


International federation of university women scholarships seeks to promote education for women and girls and this is available for all age groups of women. The scholarship program that this federation sponsors runs around the world. There are different types of international awards administered and sponsored by this women federation. Students interested to apply for these scholarships will have to fulfill the eligibility criteria set for any scholarship program that they wish to apply for. These awards are available for women students to study and research in any field of education.


Along with international awards there are many national awards too that are sponsored by International Federation of University Women. The national students who wish to apply for International federation of university women scholarships must apply through their national association and international students have to approach directly to the federation’s headquarters. It is advisable to gather all information before applying for these scholarships so that you are aware of everything related to this scholarship program.