Imagine America Scholarship

Imagine America scholarship is available for high school seniors interested to attend specific colleges or trade schools. The application and selection process for this scholarship award is different. You can apply directly for this scholarship through online application process. The selection is done in a different way and you will receive email when you will be selected. Usually three seniors, who have shown interest in studying specific field of education, from each school are selected every year for this program. Those who are high school seniors with a minimum grade point average of 2.5, demonstrate financial need and participate in voluntary community service.


High cost of education has left many students depend on outside funding to complete their education. Majority of the students need help funding their career education. There are many scholarship programs that are funded by different sources today and thousands of students are being helped out attain the degrees of their choice. These financial assistances are not only available for the mainstream education, but also for the specific fields of education. Try to get scholarships that help you remain tension free throughout your four year degree course. Since there are many programs available and accessible for dedicated students, winning the award money is also not very difficult if you are determined and dedicated.


Imagine America Scholarship Foundation gives away three awards to high school seniors – Imagine America high school scholarship, military award program and adult skills education program. Each one of these have specific requirements that every applicant is expected to fulfill. Find out for which of the scholarship program you compete and then make sure you complete the application process with full caution and care. There are 500 participating colleges that are covered under these scholarship programs and thousands of students get financial assistance every year through these programs as well.


Finding the right scholarship award is equally important as finding the most appropriate college. Read the materials carefully and understand what documents and information is required to be filled in the application form when you apply for imagine America scholarship program. Recheck everything before submitting so that the application submitted finally is error free.