IBM Watson Scholarship – For Engineering Students

The IBM Watson scholarship program was created and started to attract excellent engineering students to the Watson School of Engineering. The funding is done with the help of donations made by retired IBM officers. The support is given to undergraduate students and transfer and freshmen are also included in the criteria. There is no application done for this scholarship program because the selection is based on admission criteria. The selection is administered by a Committee in Watson School of Engineering. If you are interested in this scholarship program, you should gather complete information about the program and other details by visiting the official website of the sponsor.


Scholarships for excellent students were available in abundance always. Scholarships and grants are free money and so students prefer applying for these so that they remain stress free throughout their education time and even after that. There is no doubt that the cost of education is high and many students find it unaffordable. Thanks to the availability of scholarships and grants as these have enabled many students complete their education. Though the application processes of scholarships are lengthy and most often challenging, you should apply for the ones you are eligible for.


If you have a desire to get selected for the IBM Watson scholarship program, you need to pay attention to your studies and improve your grades. Also be cautious about everything when you are going through the admission process of Watson School of Engineering. The study of engineering not only involves tuition cost, but there are many additional expenses also that need to be covered. Specific fields of education have always been costly and very few used to get selected and out of them very few could attain the degree just because of the high cost of education.


Today the scenario has changed. Almost all schools, colleges and universities provide financial assistances to those students who not only have a desire to get an engineering degree but also have the caliber and dedication. IBM Watson scholarship is one of these programs that have helped many students achieve their engineering degree without getting into debt.