How to Look for Grants and Scholarships

Searching for a scholarship program that you are eligible for is the first hurdle you will face while looking for grants and scholarships to fund your education. Most of the time and effort is spent on this step. There are thousands of private and federal aid programs available to students from different fields across America. These scholarships are based on varying criteria, such as academic excellence, sporting excellence, extracurricular activities etc.

Searching for a scholarship among these thousands of programs that you are eligible for might be very difficult if you do not have some basic knowledge about searching for a scholarship. I will teach you to search for scholarships in two different categories federal and non-federal aid.

Federal Aid

Searching for aid offered by the U.S government is easy as compared to non-federal aid. You can simply log on to the FAFSA website that is the website run by student aid office of the U.S department of education. The website provides complete information on all the aid programs offered by the government by different names, such as Pell grants, work-study program etc. You can evaluate your eligibility and make your application online for free.

Non-Federal Aid

You can primarily use two ways to search for non-federal grants and scholarships.

The College Board is an organization that offers an online application program that provides a platform to apply for financial aid provided by 600 member colleges and universities across America. All the colleges and universities in The College board panel have a common criterion for financial aid at different levels of education.

The application program is called CSS college profile program, the program has different criteria for eligibility than federal aid programs. The association charges a fee of $25 as the application fee for application in one college, additional $16 is charged for application to each additional college.

You can search for grants and scholarships offered by institutions that are not part of the College Board on scholarship search sites. There are over 50 of such scholarship search sites that provide you arranged information on all scholarship programs available in the U.S and abroad in different categories.

These scholarship search sites also provide you the facility to search for scholarships that you are eligible for by filling out a form. International students can use these sites to search for scholarships, as these sites provide information on all international scholarships available in the U.S and other developed countries of world.