High GPA Scholarships—Get a Scholarship on Academic Merit

High GPA Scholarships

High GPA Scholarships

According to a study each year $10 billion worth of scholarships are awarded only in US. The situation is no different in other developed countries. The most common and popular kind of scholarships in world is merit based scholarships. If you have an excellent academic background then you are in luck because about 80% of the scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence.

Feeling the financial pressure faced by students due to increasing costs of college education, organizations from all sectors of society have started providing aid to deserving students. This aid is provided by Governments, welfare organizations, commercial organizations and many other bodies, such as organizations working for welfare of single moms or ethnic minorities.

These scholarships are based on varying criteria but as mentioned earlier the most common criteria are academic merit. Normally scholarship providers ask for a minimum of 3.0 GPA. Scholarships also require proof of your academic achievements. Some scholarship providers also give preference to students who have excellent communication and leadership skills together with excellent academic background.

You can search for scholarships according to your needs over the internet. There are many scholarship search sites that can help you greatly in finding a scholarship that you are eligible for. Most of these scholarship search sites can automatically find a program for you according to your eligibility. You can also look for local commercial and nonprofit organizations, and government organizations in your home country that provide financial assistance to talented students. Scholarship offered by these organizations may or may not be part of database of scholarship search sites. Some of the high GPA scholarships available to students are mentioned in this article.

Federal Pell Grant offers financial assistance of up to $4,050 to talented students. The amount of the award depends upon the tuition fees and financial need.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid or the FAFSA also provides aid to students who have an excellent academic background.

National SMART Grant is a scholarship program that provides aid to high achieving students from all fields.

Academic Competitiveness Grant also provides financial aid to competent students from all fields.

In addition to the above mentioned programs many colleges and universities also offer scholarships based on your grade point average. The higher the GPA the higher will be the amount of scholarship. Some of these colleges may even give you full fees waive if you have a very excellent academic background.