Graduate Student Scholarships and Grants

Graduate Student Scholarships and Grants

Graduate Student Scholarships and Grants

The value of graduate student scholarships is increasing everyday as living expenses as well college education costs increase. College graduates have two major options available to them to assist with education costs—scholarships and student loans. According to recent studies, there are many scholarships available for students looking for a graduate school degree.

Financial Aid Programs

Different types of financial aid are provided by colleges and universities. What you should do is visit the financial aid office and learn about all the scholarships and grants that you qualify for. In addition to this, you should also tell teachers, friends and family members about your future field of study and ask them to help you in finding graduate students scholarships. People you know may also already have information about some scholarships that fit your needs. You can also use the internet for finding financial aid programs. There are different online search options available to you. For instance, you can search for graduate school scholarships by joining a scholarship search service website. These websites have information about different scholarships, and they match your information with the scholarships present in their database to show you a list of programs. Beware of scams though.

Government Assistance

The government runs the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) program, which manages grants and other types of financial aid. The financial assistance that you get through FAFSA is based on your needs—the awarding authorities take into account the financial means of your parents when awarding. The grants that you are able to get from the government are also a better option than student loans because there is no need to return any money.

Scholarship Association

You can also get financial assistance from National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA); the main aim of this association is to increase the reach and availability of the money that is awarded as scholarships to eligible students. A major advantage of NSPA is that they provide the set of best practices and policy-oriented information. NSPA came into being in 1999 and according to recent estimates it has around177 members. The members of NPSA include many large and small charitable foundations from the private sector, and a number of colleges and universities. The amount of money that is awarded as scholarships by NSPA members is estimated at over $4, 72, 00,000; and an average of 27,500 students receive this money every year; so, you can consider this option while applying for a scholarship.