Gordon K. Lewis Award for Caribbean Scholarship

Gordon K. Lewis award for Caribbean scholarship is given to the best book writer of the year. This award is given to outstanding writers in the memory of distinguished writer Gordon K. Lewis. The award is given to the best book published on Caribbean in the period of previous three years. The languages taken into consideration are English, Spanish, French or Dutch. If you feel that you too are a good writer or fulfill the criteria of writing described by the sponsor, you should find out the details and see how you can approach and get yourself and your book notified.


When you are writing a book, always keep in mind that today the world promotes only those who are able to support themselves and their works properly and smartly. Also, there should be a purpose behind your writing. Apart from all, you should write about the Caribbean people and for the Caribbean community as well. This award is no doubt, extremely prestigious and a writer looks forward to this in any case. The best time to look for awards is the present time because today, you have award and reward for anything that you do outstandingly no matter whether it is writing a book or poem or short stories.


Therefore, looking forward to winning the Gordon K. Lewis award for Caribbean scholarship is not an unusual or unreachable dream. If you believe in your talent and you know you have the caliber and competence to impress the members of the selection panel, you should definitely approach and put your best foot forward. Once you get the recognition and acknowledgement you deserve, you have a smooth path to ride on. No matter what career you opt or in what field you wish to proceed, appreciation and detection is very important.


Gordon K. Lewis award for Caribbean scholarship is one of the most honorable and prestigious scholarship programs. More and more writers are becoming conscious and aware of this award and they are doing their best to get recognized and accepted. The main intention behind giving this award is to let people know and appreciate what Caribbean can do and achieve as well.