Friendlys Scholarships – For Hispanic Students of Arizona

Friendlys scholarships are available for Hispanic students acquire their post secondary education in Arizona. The fund is sponsored by a community based organization, Friendly House Inc. The students are selected at the Annual Scholarship Dinner which is held usually in January. The applicants must be within the age of 16 – 21 years and must be residing in Maricopa county. There is a procedure through which the applicants or candidates are selected and if you are interested in the award money you should learn the facts about this financial aid first.


Before you apply or dream of any scholarship money, you should be well aware of how to approach the sponsor and about the selection process. Most of the scholarships are need based or merit based. Once you have decided to apply for scholarships and depend on the award money for the completion of your studies, you should prepare yourself at least one year before you actually need the assistance. Improve your academic grades and try to participate in the programs that are designed for the betterment of the society and community. Work for the people and think about the improvements that could be made to make their lives more comfortable and easy.


The candidates of the friendlys scholarships are notified of their status during the month of November. No matter what scholarship program you choose and apply, you should be aware of the application process. Visit the legitimate website of the sponsor and then find complete details so that you complete the process effectively. Only then you will have better chances of getting the award money. Do not forget that every scholarship has some requirements that have to be fulfilled and some expectations of the sponsor to be met. Pay attention to the instructions and samples available on the website.


Some scholarship websites even provide information about the most appropriate colleges along with the scholarship program for their members. Get registered with these websites and stay updated. Apply for other scholarships along with friendlys scholarships so that you have chances of winning the award money even if you fail to win some of them.