Freshman Scholarships

Freshman Scholarships

Freshman Scholarships

Scholarships can provide students the opportunity to study without stressing about the college tuition fees and other expenses. Here are some scholarships that you can consider for funding your college studies.

The Freshman Honor Scholarship: This program is sponsored by organizations that provide freshman scholarships to many students who top their classes and have very good academic records and get honors. The requirements for qualifying for the scholarship may be provided to you in a separate application form; however, there are a lot of programs in which this does not happen.

Presidential Scholarships: Majority of the students who get this scholarship are those who graduate with honors. Similarly, salutatorians and valedictorians belonging to reputable schools can also get this scholarship.

Presidential scholarships are renewable, and students can renew them for eight semesters. The scholarship is renewed on the basis of annual review results. The money you get is sufficient for half of the in and out of state tuition, though it does not pay for the fees. The tuition fees it covers include the boarding and room charges.

While you don’t have to return back the money, you will need to maintain a GPA of 3.0.

Students who don’t win the Freshman Honor Scholarship can stay hopeful for the presidential scholarship. The scholarship awarding authority awards students based on academic merit, character, creative skills and other qualities such as leadership and ability to work in a team.

Students that win freshman scholarships to attend Freshman Honor College may be provided the application materials. The first part of the application process is the written application, which is followed by an on-campus meeting with a program director or committee representative; after the conversation you will be asked to write an essay.

You should make sure that you submit complete applications for all the freshman scholarships you apply for. Normally, mid January is the deadline for applying to these programs.

If you are selected for a freshman scholarship, you will receive a prior notification in about the end of January. The last date for interviewing candidates is the 1st of March.

There are many freshman scholarships available for students. In order to locate these scholarships you can search through the internet. On the Web, a number of scholarship search services provide students with scholarship options. These websites take your data and compare it with programs saved in their database. Apply for as many scholarships as possible, because doing this often puts you in a better place for winning one.