Firefighter Scholarships-Money For Heroes

Firefighters belong to a much respected career path. They are respected and loved by all as true heroes. There are many volunteer and professional firefighting organizations throughout the US. This means that many sources of firefighter scholarships are available. This scholarships money, although modest as compared to other scholarships, is aimed at encouraging people to adopt this community service. People interested or engaged in firefighting can opt for some of these scholarships. Let us take a look at some of the opportunities that are worth checking out.

The International Association of Fire Chiefs offers an amount of $4,000 to professional or volunteer firefighters who are experienced and also are pursuing a degree in fire science.

The J.R Haines Memorial scholarship offered by the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association grants an amount of $1,000 to its members who are enrolling in fire science or related majors.

The F. Michael Sacca scholarship by the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Department awards an amount of $1000 to applicants who are enrolled in a fire science program.

The Illinois Fire Chiefs Association sponsors an amount of $2,000 for motivated firefighters who are interested in gaining a degree from a fire science or related program.

The Fire Service Scholarhsip  is offered via a lottery draw to family members of acitive, retired or deceased Minnesota  fire fighters. The maximum amount is $1,000.

The James C Basile scholarship is offered to candidates from the Ventura County who are graduating from High School and will be attending the University of California. The applicants must also have one or both parents incapacitated or killed during law enforcement or fire fighting acitivities.

The Glynn County fire Department Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship gives a varied amount of annual awards to children of Glynn County Fire Deparment members. The scholarship amount varies.

The Bluecoats, Inc. scholarships offers scholarship for active or retired Clark County firefighters who are undergradate students attending the University of Nevada Las-Vegas.

These were some of the options that prospective, current or retied firefighter can look for. In Addition to these there are many other opportunities that are available and the internet can be consulted for further help. Firefighter scholarships are not only a means of honoring the people involved in this noble community service but also help to extend a helping hand to the families of deceased or injured firefighters. Generally, any person interested in the profession is eligible for a firefighter scholarship.