Female Scholarships-Fair Chances for the Fairer Sex

Female Scholarships

Female Scholarships

There is a lot of competition for scholarships and scholarships providers have develop various strategies to ease out the competition pressure. One good strategy in this direction is to provide gender specific scholarship opportunities. There are scholarships available for male or female students exclusively. In fact, there are much more opportunities for women than there are for men. Let us take a look at some of the opportunities that the fairer sex should look for.

America’s Junior Miss scholarships is an opportunity for women who have never married and are US citizens. This scholarship is supported by over 200 institutes and awards an amount ranging from US $1,000 to $40,000.

The Association for Women in Science Graduate awards is provided to female PhD scholars from the field of science who are studying in the US. It is awarded by the Association for Women in Science and provides scholarship money ranging from $300 to $1,000.

The BPW scholarship is provided by the Business and Professional Women Foundation. It is awarded to women who are returning to their education and are planning to pursue an Undergraduate or Graduate degree. Eligibility criteria include an age of above 25 years and proof of financial need.

A special scholarship opportunity is available for the women who are US citizens and are residents of Pennsylvania. It is called the Pennsylvania Outstanding Young Woman Scholarships and is dedicated to outstanding high school female students of Pennsylvania.

Computer science and engineering fields are not traditionally attached with women. There are some special opportunities which are available in this regard to make thing easier for women. One such opportunity is the Society of Women Engineers Scholarship. It is available to high school seniors, college undergraduate and graduate students. There is one little detail which the prospective candidates must take care of. The Society for Women Engineers has developed a list of approved institutions and the students of these institutes are eligible for application only. This list can be checked on the website of the organization, www.swe.org. Generally, it is a good offer with as much as 90 awards with scholarship money from $200 to $5000.

With a little effort and determination, women can take advantage of the many female scholarships that are available. The above mentioned categories were just and introduction; the internet can be used to look for many more categories of female scholarships. These may include scholarships on sports, disability, special talent/skill basis, etc. Just make sure to research thoroughly. Good Luck