Dost Scholarship Qualifiers for Region 10

Winning a scholarship is very exciting and honorable for a student. If you have been able to get in contact with dost scholarship qualifiers for region 10 or have seen them, you will see that how happy and relaxed they appear. This is because scholarships are free money and students spend lot of time and energy to complete the application process. The award money that the student wins adds up to their resume and it is a prestigious aspect of his life as well. This not only helps them complete their studies without financial burden, but also helps them get a good job in future.


DOST or Department of Science and Technology offers a number of scholarships for academically excellent students and for those who have extraordinary talents as well. These scholarships are mean for students with high aptitude in science and mathematics and who wish to pursue careers in science, mathematics and engineering. The Dost scholarship programs have components and categories and the award money is given to poor but intelligent students so that deserving students do not stay away from achieving success just because of lack of money.


The Department of Science and Technology announces the names of dost scholarship qualifiers for region 10 and these students can take admission at any of the state college and university, CHED centers of excellence and get enrolled in science and technology courses. Each qualifier receives a notice of award that clearly states the date of orientation and for signing the contract. These qualifiers are entitled for paying tuition and other school fees and the award money covers books, transportation allowances and group accident insurance.


Interested applicants should always gather information about the scholarship program completely because only then he or she will be able to apply successfully. You can visit the nearest Dost Provincial Science and Technology Center in your area. Visit the legitimate website and find out the phone numbers on which you can contact and email id where you can get answers to your question. Go through the list of dost scholarship qualifiers for region 10 if you had applied.