Corporate Scholarships-How to Find One

Corporate Scholarships

Corporate Scholarships

Scholarships are a need of students in this time of expensive education. It is no wonder that many corporations have come forward to provide scholarships to students. These scholarships not only make a goodwill gesture from the corporations but are also a means of producing educated people in the fields that the corporations are working in. Some corporate sponsored scholarships are provided for brilliant students who have good achievements in their study career and other are entirely need based. It must be remembered that for both types of scholarships there is a very good competition.

There are some strategies which can improve your chances of success. The student who is aware of his prospective field of study will be able to identify the different corporations which can provide scholarships to him/her. This could cut down the effort needed to be put into finding various corporate scholarship opportunities. Online search databases and search engines are also a very good place to start out from. These sources are convenient but generate a lot of results and are time consuming.

Since these scholarships are provided by corporations so it is a good idea to search for corporate scholarships on the websites of various corporations. Let us take a look at some of these scholarships:

  • The Tylenol Scholarship is offered by the makers of Tylenol and is given to students of the various medical disciplines. The amount of money and the number of students vary year to year.
  • The Rhodes scholarship.
  • The Bank of America student leader scholarship.
  • Coca-Cola first generation scholarship offers scholarships to American Indian freshman students.
  • Coca-Cola scholars’ program scholarships are awarded to 250 high school seniors.
  • The Gates Millennium Scholars is funded by a grant provided by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and provides scholarships to members of different communities for different studies.
  • Intel Science Talent Search is a yearly nationwide competition which offers a first place award of $100,000 to encourage students to take up the field of science, technology, etc.
  • The Dell Scholars program offers 250 scholarships worth $20,000 each.

It is generally a good idea to have a complete knowledge of eligibility criteria before applying. Some corporations also provide scholarships opportunities specifically for the children of employees. These scholarships are good to apply to because of the reduced competition. It is also better to apply to as many opportunities as possible in a timely manner.