Company Scholarships-The Tylenol Scholarship Program

Company Scholarships

Company Scholarships

There are many corporate bodies in every country of world that offer scholarships to students at different levels in order to help the disadvantaged students of society who cannot pay for their education, however company scholarships are not only need based many companies also provide scholarships to encourage talented students, and some provide scholarships to students related to a particular field tied with an agreement to work for the company for a specified period, such scholarships are aimed at increasing the amount of qualified professionals in the related field.

There are hundreds of corporations in America that provide scholarships to students based on varying criteria. The Tylenol scholarship program is one such program that provides aid to students who are not able to go to college without financial aid.

The Tylenol scholarship program is an old program that is providing assistance to students from medical related fields since 17 years. The amount of scholarships and numbers of scholarships offered by the program varies every year. In year 2009 Tylenol awarded 40 scholarships ranging from $5000 to $ 10,000, and in total $250,000 worth of scholarships were awarded by the company.

The Tylenol scholarship program is not only for nurses and doctors, as in the case of almost all other health care scholarships. Any student who is enrolled on a degree related to medical field is eligible to apply for scholarship under this program. The scholarships are awarded based on financial need but the scholarship providers will also expect a minimum level of academic performance from applicants. There is tough competition for these scholarships, so every applicant should carefully read complete information available on their website and make sure he/she is eligible to apply for the scholarship program. Applicants should also make sure that they provide all the information and documentation required with the application.

Students can also look for many other company scholarships over the internet. Almost all big organizations in America and other countries of world run scholarship programs for deserving students. These scholarships may not pay for all you expenses but they can greatly decrease the financial burden on you.

Company scholarships can be conveniently searched over the internet using scholarship search sites. These sites will automatically search for a scholarship that you are eligible for according to your academic background. Students from developing countries may check directly on the websites of big corporations in their country to look for scholarships.