Comcast Scholarship – Community Service Is Valued

Comcast Foundation gives Comcast scholarship money to almost 2,000 high school senior students from all over the nation. The award money is $1,000 and is given to the selected students who show academic excellence, those who have contributed to the community services and also demonstrate leadership skills. The scholarship program provides the students right financial support so that they are able to achieve their academic dreams. The rising cost of education is the biggest hindrance in many good and meritorious student’s life. If the financial part is taken care of most of these students can achieve their dream career.


Today, there are many students who have the leadership qualities and wish to bring positive and fruitful changes in the lives of the people living in society. If these young people are given the right amount of backing, they can rise up and join the league of world’s good leaders. The sponsors believe in the potential and skill of this type of students and so many sponsoring companies and individuals along with organizations and foundations have designed and created financial aid programs to help these students accomplish their dreams and desires.


When you have decided to apply for Comcast scholarship, just keep in mind that along with academic excellence you also have to show evidences of community service. This is the most important criteria and the panel evaluates and judges the candidates and chooses the winner on the basis of dedication towards community service. So, pay attention to this aspect right from the time when you are a high school junior. Start looking for scholarships and other financial aids as early as you can. This will leave you with many options and you will be able to apply for suitable and apt scholarship programs.


It is not that since you are in need of financial aid you need to apply for any financial aid program you come across. Check out the facilities and privileges the program is offering for the winners and apply for any scholarship only when you find that the terms are acceptable. Read and understand the application process and watch out the deadline before applying for Comcast scholarship.