Colleges Scholarships—How to Pay for College

Colleges Scholarships

Colleges Scholarships

Most of the students entering college have a conception that getting a scholarship to fund their studies is something nearly impossible, so students normally try to get a student loan which they will have to pay off after the completion of their studies. The conception is due to lack of knowledge among students regarding scholarship opportunities available to them.

There are millions of aid programs run all over the world for students who qualify for them. If you have some basic knowledge of different types of scholarship programs it may be helpful to you in finding a scholarship. Different colleges, welfare organizations and governments award scholarships based on different criteria. In this article I will explain different criteria on which scholarships are based.

Merit based scholarships: This is a common type of scholarship, in which financial aid is given based on past academic performance of students. Normally these programs require you to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 to 3.0.

Sports based scholarships: There are some students that have a proven record of sporting excellence. Such students can apply for sports based scholarships. The aid programs will normally require you to provide proof of your past participation in athletic events or achievements in an athletic event.

Need based scholarships: many welfare organizations and colleges run need based scholarships programs. You will qualify for such a program if you are able to prove that you are unable to continue your studies due to financial factors beyond your control. The students who really deserve such scholarships are likely to qualify for them easily.

Scholarships based on ethnicity: In almost all countries organizations representing minority ethnic communities run scholarship programs for students form their community. These programs are easy to qualify for because there is less competition for them. In some countries scholarships for religious minorities are also awarded by different organizations.

General scholarships: Such scholarships may be based on random selection of students by scholarship providers or it may even be based on some kind of lucky draw.

In addition to the above mentioned criteria of awarding a scholarship there are also some other criteria used by different organizations, such as employ children scholarships. To find a scholarship that you are able to qualify for you need to search in an organized way. You should decide on the criteria you are able to meet and then search for a scholarships that is based on that criteria. The use of scholarship search sites is also a good idea while searching for a scholarship.