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College Scholarships

With the current situation regarding college tuition fees and other expenses, it can be said that attending college is not something that a lot of students can manage with their own financial resources. However, paying for college with your own financial means is just one of the different options available for funding college.

If you are interested in getting a college degree without paying for the college expenses, then scholarship is one option you can consider. A scholarship is money that is given to you without the requirement of paying it back after you complete your studies. So, with a scholarship, there is a possibility of you not having to pay for college tuition fee and other expenses.

The amount that you win depends on the awarding body. You may win enough money to cover accommodation, books, and other costs along with the tuition fee, or you may get a scholarship that only pays for your tuition fee.

Who provides scholarships?

Scholarships are offered by institutions, organizations and companies. The scholarships awarding criteria depends on the awarding authority.

What types of academic scholarships are on offer?

Some scholarships you can apply for as an undergraduate student include:

Merit-Based Scholarships: In order to qualify for a merit-based scholarship you must have an excellent academic record. These are one of the most well-known scholarships; in fact, some people have the misconception that scholarships are for bright student only.

Athletic Scholarships: As is evident by the name, this scholarship is based on the athletic abilities of the individual, and in order to qualify for this scholarship, you must have excellent athletic abilities.

Minority Scholarships: Tuition fee for college can also be paid by getting a minority scholarship. These scholarships are offered by different colleges to have people with different ethnicities on their campuses. You can also win a minority scholarship from external sources.

Unusual Scholarships: You may be surprised to know that you can also win money for your hobby or some quality or trait that you have. For instance, $2,500 is awarded by The Arabian Horse Foundation to students who love horses and are in need of the funding. There are also scholarships being offered to left-handed people, fat people, caddies, short people, tall people, etc.

These are some of the available scholarships. Tuition fees for studying in a college have increased, but scholarships can help you manage the cost and get your degree.