College Scholarship Money—All About Scholarship Money Available to International Students

College Scholarship Money

College Scholarship Money

Studying at an international college is a rewarding experience. Students who get the chance of studying in another country generally have access to more career opportunities and also have more diverse cultural experiences. The cost of studying in another country is high. Most of the colleges that offer admissions to international students also run scholarship programs to help international students meet expenses of college education. Searching for college scholarship money is tough but with basic knowledge about searching for such scholarships you will be able to find a scholarship more conveniently.

Search Engines

To search scholarships on search engines you should have basic knowledge of using search engines. If you do not know the tips and tricks to search a scholarship conveniently, the process can become too hectic for you.

First you should type the key word according to your requirements, for example ‘nursing scholarships’. This will display the result page showing nursing scholarships, now you can copy paste the following codes at the end of the URL of search page to refine your search according to time. Copy pasting ‘&as_qdr=m’ will give you results about scholarships published in last month, similarly ‘&as_qdr=d’ or ‘&as_qdr=w’ will give you scholarships published during last day and week respectively. You can copy paste ‘&as_qdr=L’ at the end of the URL to see results published in last year.

These keywords however work only for Google search engine. You can also search for scholarships on social networking websites. Many colleges advertise scholarships programs at these websites.

Scholarship Database Sites

There are lots of these websites on the internet. They can save lots of effort and time by providing information on college scholarship money in an organized way. They can also automatically search a scholarship for you that you qualify for.

Websites of Universities and Organizations

International students should also visit websites of different international colleges and universities. Most of the international colleges will provide them with a scholarship or rebate in fees. These colleges do so to increase the cultural diversity at their campus. Many government and private organizations also award scholarships to international students from developing countries. These scholarship programs may not become part of the database of scholarship search sites.  Many higher education regulatory bodies in developing countries award scholarships to talented students but there is generally a tough competition for these scholarships. Students can search for such scholarship opportunities by checking with government and private organizations in their home country.